Aion Launches 3.7 Update

Aion Launches 3.7 Update

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Patch day has arrived once again for Aion and 3.7 is now live with the 4.0 update still lurking in the distance. The 3.7 update brings a brand new instance to help tide players over with The Hexway, a 6-player level 55 instance located in Unknown Lands of Silentera Canyon. As part of the update, a number of other instances have had their entry times adjusted and certain item level-caps were removed. Other content includes the new Unity Training Grounds in the Crucible Coliseum, an instance where two groups of two can compete until the timer ends without reward, and the addition of a new Cube for items, coins, medals and tickets.

Fast-track servers have also received some changes with the update. The level cap has been boosted from 50 to 55, but the XP boost does not include the additional 5 levels. That does, however, remains in effect for pre-50s. Lastly, new UI changes add additional customization options for Legion Emblems.