Aion 3.7 goes live today, adds new instance

Aion 3.7 goes live today, adds new instance

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With so much news trickling out about Aion's upcoming -- and as of yet undated -- 4.0 expansion, it was easy to miss news about today's 3.7 patch. Mum's no longer the word, though, as NCsoft has just released the patch notes so folks can read up on what to expect when the servers come back online.

So what tantalizing new things await Daevas? For one, there's a brand-new level 55+ instance called The Hexway deep in Silentara Canyon. Many other higher-level instances will have altered entry times, changing from timed lockouts to opening at a specific time each day. Other additions to the game include a 2v2 training arena in the Crucible Coliseum, a new escape skill (in case you get stuck in terrain), and furniture paint guestblooms and paint remover. On top of that, Daevas also get a separate cube for quest items, coins, and tickets!

Changes are also coming to the Fast-Track server. Along with the Steel Rake instances, this PvP-free zone will allow Daevas up to level 55; however, the server XP boost is not available for the level 50+ crowd.