The governors (sector) new version once again for people within fired up point out.

The governors (sector) new version once again for people within fired up point out.

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Your governors (zone) latest version once more for people inside excited point out. New version of an great deal of inventive aspects, with a new "god", variety an entire set of brand new jewellery, the brand new system "BOSS hall", a duplicate with the brand-new "golden town of war" much more excited with regard to players. On-line people constantly, to meet the needs of the game, the brand new hosting server: both the groups "fight yet again peak" (phone system), "and" (Cina Unicom) upon 03 A dozen, 16:00 reshipment on the web.

This year's wedding party could be the obsession with the actual governors of recent edition online diploma is obsessed, passion unabated. Rather than let his / her partner yang CAI go overboard were living by yourself, their particular beguiled from the governors regarding entertaining through the night. Gamers is quite thrilled, at ordinary instances in real life rare stars just like typical have fun with all of them hanging around, improve, carry out process, take advantage of the entertaining in the video game.

A great deal of people Chen Xiao pal amongst gamers had been referred to as "brother chum". "Brother Chum" is just about the countrywide 2 deborah game titles in the personal world of typically the most popular determine.

Chen Xiao mate immediately soon after matrimony habit "emperor", let the better half yang CAI err is indifference. Just before marriage, after union gets a video game otaku.

Media: yang CAI go overboard, beyond the true to life, to be able to furthermore reside together with buddy mate in a digital globe, Aion chinese gold yang CAI make a mistake has changed into a "vassal" players. Bastinade yet again, two different people hanging around as well as live in the overall game, to accomplish the duty. May 2 different people inside the real life with the sweet has continued within the digital globe.