Leave Your Legacy in Aion: Ascension: design a weapon Aion gold

Leave Your Legacy in Aion: Ascension: design a weapon Aion gold

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Here's your chance to design a weapon for the ‘Bard’ class coming in Aion gold 4.0! The ‘Bard’ uses stringed weapons to channel magical energies!

Your design might make it into Aion money the game! This is a design submission, so even if you can’t draw all that well, if you have a great idea we want to see it! Creativity, innovation, and uniqueness is what we’re looking for!

Remember, this is not a contest! There are no physical or digital prizes. If your submission is chosen, you will get official recognition that your artwork has been incorporated into the game, and you will be given the chance to participate in the naming process of your weapon once the 4.0 update is localized for cheap Aion gold: Ascension!

The Aion team will then choose a number of submissions to send off to the Dev Team. These designs will be featured on our website and Facebook page on January 7, 2013. If one of these submissions is chosen to be used in 4.0, we will showcase the concept art alongside an official weapon screenshot on our website and social networks as soon as they are released to us.

Please note – although this is a contest in Korea, players on the NA servers are not eligible to participate in the Korean contest or win their prizes. Their contest only applies to players on the Korean servers. In addition, North America sending submissions does not guarantee that any will be selected for use.